Calgary - It’s time to move !

The Calgary Multisport Fieldhouse Campaign is aiming to get Calgary, a world class city, the world class facility that it deserves. This campaign is striving to inspire Calgarians to take action, and aid in propelling this project forward. Head over to the support tab to see how you can help make the Fieldhouse happen.

DO YOU Want a World-Class Multisport Fieldhouse in Calgary?

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The Calgary Multisport Fieldhouse Society (CMFS) has been working since 2008 to promote the building of a multisport fieldhouse in Calgary.

Calgary’s population is growing rapidly and we are active people. During our interminable winters, we still want to run, keep fit, play volleyball, basketball, soccer and dozens of other sports.



A multisport fieldhouse is a building that houses an indoor track as well as facilities for a wide variety of both turf and court sports

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It is estimated that approximately 500,000 people in Alberta and 120,000 Calgarians with disabilities would benefit from a facility 

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