What is a Multisport Fieldhouse?
A multisport fieldhouse is a building that houses an indoor track as well as facilities for a wide variety of both turf and court sports, such as basketball, volleyball, soccer, badminton and tennis to name just a few. The CMFS has been advocating for such a facility in Calgary … READ MORE
Why Calgary Needs a Fieldhouse
Calgary’s population is growing rapidly and we are active people. During our interminable winters, we still want to run, keep fit, play volleyball, basketball, soccer and dozens of other sports. Potential users for a fully accessible multisport facility include thousands of … READ MORE
The Benefits of a Fieldhouse in Calgary
A multisport fieldhouse would benefit users involved in a multitude of sports — both competitive and recreational — and have a positive impact on the health of our citizens. It would also provide a needed boost to the city’s economy … READ MORE

The Calgary Multisport Fieldhouse Society (CMFS) has been working since 2008
to promote the building of a multisport fieldhouse in Calgary.


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What supporters are saying


Supporters of the Calgary multisport fieldhouse project have been not just been signing the on-line petition, they’re being vocal about why they want to see it built.

Here’s a small sampling of their posted comments:

“This is really needed. […]

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Sport Facility Supply & Demand Study has been released


Sport Calgary’s 160-page report on the current state of sport facility supply and demand in the city is now available for download. You can find it here. The report is expected to provide a foundation for an update to the Calgary’s 10 […]

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Once upon a time …


Once upon a time…

Way back in 1967 it was – the year of Canada’s first Centenary, the year the Toronto Maple Leafs won their last Stanley Cup, the last time a political party other than the […]