It’s time to make the Multisport Fieldhouse a reality for Calgary

There is no question that Calgary needs this type of facility. The Multisport Fieldhouse Society is working to bring this world-class sports facility, which is community accessible and competition ready to serve athletes of all ages and abilities, to Calgary.

We need you to help show your support of the Fieldhouse and the importance of it being a priority in our city. Here are some ways to support the Multisport Fieldhouse:

1. Send an e-letter to Mayor Nenshi to show your support of the Multisport Fieldhouse and the importance this facility has for our city. Help Calgary, a world-class city, get the world-class facility that it deserves.

Sample messaging you may wish to use as part of a personal letter to Mayor Nenshi.

NOTE: Please be specific with your comments and avoid inflammatory or inaccurate statements as this undermines the credibility of your message. It also adds weight to your message if you identify yourself by full name, city, address and postal code.

2. Donate $5 to the GoFundMe campaign. While the money raised will be donated to Classroom Champions, the intention is to show Calgary City Council that the construction of the Fieldhouse matters to Calgarians, and we are willing to do whatever it takes to get this project going.

3. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and send Nenshi a Tweet to show your support. Sample messaging you may wish to use as part of a tweet to Mayor Nenshi:

  1. Hey @nenshi! We know you think Calgary is a world-class city, so isn’t it time to for a world-class facility? Let’s make the #CalgaryFieldhouse a reality!

  2. @nenshi the #CalgaryFieldhouse matters to us Calgarians!

  3. @nenshi Calgarians deserve the chance to stay active during our harsh winters!  The #CalgaryFieldhouse would give our city that chance.