A multisport fieldhouse is a building that houses an indoor track as well as facilities for a wide variety of both turf and court sports, such as basketball, volleyball, soccer, badminton and tennis to name just a few.

For sport and recreation, the facility would include:

  • an 8-lane 400m rubberized indoor track with an eight-lane 130m straight away
  • 2 infield “D” areas to accommodate pole vault, long jump, shot put and discus areas
  • an artificial turf infield of 101.5m by 75m for sports such as soccer, football, ultimate frisbee
  • modular hard court flooring to cover the turf to create a playing surface for sports such as basketball, volleyball, tennis and badminton
  • spectator seating — enough capacity for national and international events
  • washrooms, locker and change rooms


What would it look like?

The infield of a 400m track will accommodate 9 tennis courts with 4 badminton courts in the “Ds”.

It is also large enough for a full international size soccer pitch.

In addition, the facility would provide space for:

  • offices and meeting spaces
  • high-performance training
  • athletic therapy
  • rehabilitation programs

A curtaining system would allow the infield to be fully enclosed and to divide the infield into sections so that several sports and activities could go on simultaneously.

Hosting events

With the construction of a fieldhouse, Calgary could bid to host numerous provincial, national and world championships in a number of sports and events, including:

  • Alberta Provincial Track and Field Championships
  • Canada West and Canadian Interuniversity Track and Field Championships
  • World Masters Track and Field Championships
  • IAAF Indoor Championships
  • World Federation Cup of Tennis
  • International and Canadian University Sporting Events
  • National and World Ultimate Frisbee Championships
  • Volleyball and Basketball Camps
  • Soccer Tournaments
  • Rugby Tournaments
  • Special Olympics and Indoor Championships
  • Trade Shows and Conventions