A multisport fieldhouse would benefit users involved in a multitude of sports — both competitive and recreational — and have a positive impact on the health of our citizens. 

It would also provide a boost to the city’s economy. Millions more could be realized by hosting trade shows and conventions in the facility.

The 10-Year Strategic Plan for Sport Facility Development and Enhancement developed by the City of Calgary and Sport Calgary in 2008 identified the need for more gymnasia, indoor fields, indoor tracks and multi-purpose rooms — all of which can be met by the proposed multisport fieldhouse.

Currently Calgary is the fourth largest city in Canada by population, yet it doesn’t have a multisport fieldhouse. Many much smaller centres do.

  • Kamloops | pop. 92,000 | Kamloops Fieldhouse
  • Lethbridge | pop. 95,000 | 1st Choice Savings Centre
  • Thunder Bay | pop. 123,000 | Fitness Centre Confederation College and Fieldhouse Lakeland University
  • Regina | pop. 195,000 | Regina Fieldhouse
  • Saskatoon | pop. 234,000 | Saskatoon Fieldhouse
  • Edmonton | pop. 1,035,000 | University Pavilion, Kinsmen Fieldhouse and a soon-to-be built third fieldhouse


Calgary is a world-class city; it deserves a world-class facility.